Architectural ergonomics
Decorative photographic view of the top of a skyscraper, from its base, looking up through latticed glazing.

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Services Available

  • Reach requirements and wheelchairs
  • Pedestrian flow studies
  • Photogrammetric recording, measuring and modelling

    Completed research

  • Australian Building Codes Board
    Circulation space requirements in buildings and facilities for wheelchairs and scooter use.

    This project was commissioned by the Australian Building Codes Board on behalf of the Building Access Policy Committee, for purpose of reviewing the existing requirements contained in Australian Standard AS1428. The research formed part of the work to establish a Premises Standard under the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act.

    Current research

  • Circulation space requirements for indoor vehicles (wheelchairs and scooters; forklifts; car parking).
  • Reach requirements and doorway negotiation by people in wheelchairs and scooters.
  • Elbow constriction and doorway negotiation by people in wheelchairs
  • Publications

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