Services offered
  • Ergonomics studies
  • Forensic investigations
  • Architectural records

    What is photogrammetry?

    Photogrammetry is the technique of extracting dimensional data from one or more photographs using trigonometric triangulation. It also enables the generation of computer-based 3D models from photographs.

    The program used by Hunarch Consulting is Photomodeler

    Why use photogrammetry?

  • 1. Photogrammetry enables measurements to be derived from photographs. But why use photos?

    • Scenes and objects might be too complex, or inaccessible, or both for measurement by other means.
    • Photography is a very quick recording method for later data analysis: important if there is insufficient time for measurement by other means.
    • Photographic records (e.g. from 35mm, digital or video cameras) may be the only source of information available.
    • Enables measurement extraction and image analysis for an indefinite period after the initial recording.
    • Preserves a record of orginal conditions after changes have occurred.
    • Photographic recording avoid or minimises the risk of contamination of the scene: important for evidentiary applications.

    2. Photogrammetry enables "real-world" rotatable 3D computer imaging. But what is the advantage of this?

    • Compared with computer generated rotatable 3D renderings, complex scenes or objects can be modeled much more quickly.
    • The preservation of the original photographic record in the model may have greater credibility and may be valuable for evidentiary applications.

    Forensic investigations
    Crime scenes; accidents; structural failures; effects of natural disasters.