Examples of manoeuvring plots

Photographic view of top of skyscraper  seen from alonsgide its base looking through latticed glazing.

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Photo showing the rear view of a man in a rear-wheel drive electric wheelchair

Figure 1
Rear-wheel drive electric wheelchair

Photo showing the side view of a man in a rear-wheel drive manual wheelchair

Figure 2
Rear-wheel drive manual wheelchair


Wheelchair manoeuvring 1
Wheelchair manoeuvring 2
Forklift manoeuvring

Wheelchair manoeuvring through a passage doorway

These plots, showing the manouevring of 6 fictitious wheelchairs through a doorway, illustrate the significant influence of shape and drive wheel type on the manouevring space required for negotiation of doorways.

All wheelchairs perform a clockwise turn through the doorway. The shape of each wheelchair is shown alongside each plot.

Plot 1

Rear-wheel drive wheelchair

Plot 2

Rear-wheel drive wheelchair


Plot 3

Rear-wheel drive wheelchair.

This is a variation of the previous manoeuvre. Compared with the previous manouevre, the initial anti-clockwise rotation is commenced earlier, resulting in less space being required alongside the "top" door jamb.


Plot 4

Mid-wheel drive wheelchair


Plot 5

Front-wheel drive wheelchair


Plot 6

Front-wheel drive wheelchair


Plot 7

This plot shows the difference between the manouevring areas of the different wheelchairs and highlights the spatial implications of shape and drive-wheel type, i.e. the effect of radial parameters.



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